New Movies "Popular Suggestion" feature


Thanks for all the new site updates and recent promotions! There is one recent update I’ve found to be less useful than others.

I noticed there was recently a new section added when browsing or attempting to list in the movies category. I’d like to inform you that your list contains many titles in theaters that don’t even have release dates for DVD/Blu/Digital. By displaying movies still in theaters on the page it makes even the newest DVD/Blu/Digital releases look old and also advertises something buyers have no way to purchase through Gameflip (but might obtain through other services or piracy). It also makes the site look empty when using the search feature (clicking on the image) and nothing appears (because it may not even be out yet). Other issues are that it pulls Netflix exclusives (#4 suggestion is Bird Box) and doesn’t offer collections (For example, I noticed a few Harry Potter movies, but those are most commonly sold via a 7 or 8 movie set now). I’d suggest removing the section entirely if the list can’t be cut down to existing DVD/Blu/Digital titles.

There is also no reason to have it on the selling page. It increases load times and, along with the menu, takes up about half the visible page space. I also can’t see any way that it could be used to list movies efficiently as the titles aren’t sorted in any way. Instead I’d suggest adding the search box you have on the movie listing page ( ) and making that easier to access as it’s extremely useful (would have saved me so much time downloading and uploading images when the site started!).

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Thank you for your feedback and this suggestion makes perfect sense to me! I’ll make sure to pass it to the team and see what we can do.

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