Gameflip is awesome!! you guys should create movieflip or DVDflip as well

Gameflip is awesome! you guys should create movieflip or DVDflip as well.


I think it would cost them to much money to make 1-2 more apps that focus on that as maintaining it and etc is alot to take in. Plus other business expenses. The only way it would work is if they made that a separate category for them to be in. But of course this app is focused around games and gamers. ( made for gamers by gamers) not much for movies. there are always other platforms for those as well such as i use.

Thanks for the reply and it makes sense.

By the way what other apps or places you use to sell your DVDs if you don’t mind me asking.

I pretty much have been unloading alot of my DVDs to eBay and Amazon just trying to look for another outlet.


We’ve actually talked about opening up a dedicated section for movies, as Vincent says, since developing a completely new app would be way too costly. Right now we definitely want to refine what we currently have before branching out into other categories. But movies would honestly be the next category we would open up once we do.

That would be a nice add on. but yeah everything costs money :frowning: still a good business to jump into as well.