No update on Affiliate Program request.

Hi, id like to get an update on my request to become an affiliate. Please get back to me as soon as possible. Thank you very much Gameflip.

Sorry if you haven’t heard anything back. I know at least for now, we are really selective on the affiliate program and really focusing on influences (Twitch & YouTube) for this. So if you don’t hear back, it’s mostly likely due to this.

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Well that sucks. But i totally understand, like for me right now since im still new i have so little traffic since im unknown which is why i do the same as well, market ads on FB and Instagram etc. Though i may not have 5k + people or whatever your requirements would be, wouldnt any and all traffic to the app/ site be good traffic? Just my opinion though.

Yeah I agree. Unfortunately the other factor in the reason why we are so selective, is there’s a lot of manual process with this program and wouldn’t be able to scale it to that point yet. Hopefully we can re-visit the program at a later time and make it to the point anyone can easily join and it be automated, but I don’t know if that’d be anytime soon.

I totally understand that, especially the manual part as I know things get very time investing as well so I totally understand that. I just hope soon I will be able to become an affiliate as its a great step torwards the future.

How about this for thought.
What if you guys become an affiliate for my website? so if you guys advertise my website on gameflip and they buy something from me i can return the same for you as well. Just like i would have been with you guys.
Its another way for Gameflip to generate Income $$$.
let me know what you guys think about that as well. Maybe would be easier.

you guys can contact me here or email.