Non-Gaming Gift Card Suggestion


I am here for favour and suggestion. My shop is selling various Gaming and Non-Gaming Gift Cards.
I saw on Non-Gaming Gift Cards requirements and posted (TO DO/NOT TO) Krispy Kreme eGift Cards. After that my listings got removed and I got warned.

It makes no sense to post requirements for Gift Cards and then, on end, list of allowed Gift Cards.
What for are requirements then (okay for Starbucks to include PIN)?

Gamers need donuts too don’t they with Starbucks coffee? Ha, ha.

This is why “favour” and suggestion. Add Krspy Kreme Gift Cards too. People are interested. You can see one got sold in 30 minutes before you reacted (not by me) but when you type Krispy Kreme and check sold you can see it.

Thank you Gameflip for understanding us, sellers, too, plus there is also demand with buyers.

Add Krispy Kreme. :hugs::heart:

HellFire Game Shop Admin, Daba.

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i really agree with that, there is no reason for a (TO DO/NOT TO) list for non-gaming gift cards if we are only allowed to sell the non-gaming gift card allowed list

people requested me lowes, asos, tim hortons
i wont talk about a Visa/Mastercard request, they mention it as not allowed in the bottom of that non gaming card allowed list


For not allowed I understand but that, TO DO/NOT TO, makes no sense. They mentioned requirements and said which cards are allowed to post and which aren’t (like prepaid ones).

They should at least edit it because its :exploding_head: confusing sellers. After reading that I was totally sure I can sell Krispy Kreme plus I saw on sold Gift Card got sold.

HellFire Game Shop Admin, Daba.

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@DarkKnight can you check my both topics?

HellFire Game Shop Admin, Daba.

that’s literally what i said on the reply above

you can post anything on-sale that is in violation of gameflip terms of service, but you are screwed if someone report or if you just ask gameflip support to help with your listings

i just asked first to be sure, i though i would get a quicker response about the TO DO/NOT TO based on previous experiences instead of searching by myself but i just got “you can only sell what is listed as allowed”

That is literally about what topic is about. :sweat_smile::handshake:t2:

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lol funny reply :rofl:

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And sadly after you get warning. Makes really no sense.
Hope they add Krispy Kreme Gift Cards.

They should do voting system for new Gift Cards or “Apply for new Gift Card”.

Hello @HellFireGS,

Thanks for the feedback regarding the document. I have informed the team responsible for the Help Center and they will be making adjustments to make the information clear for our users.

In these cases, please keep in mind to read the article fully, so you do not miss any information and receive a warning.

Also, if you do not understand and think something does not make sense, you can always feel free to open a ticket or contact us here so we can take care of your doubt, just like you did.

Now, regarding the Gift Card for Krispy Kreme, we will be verifying with the team if it qualifies to be added to our list ok.

Hope you have a great day!

Godspeed! :trident:

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