Payoneer "Already have a Payoneer Account" hyperlink broken on iPhone App

Ticket # 757212

I keep trying to link my Payoneer account to my GF account on my iPhone App. when I click on the link that states “Already have a Payoneer Account” nothing happens. the hyperlink seems to be broken. i can not log into GF on desktop because I opened my account with Apple Sign In. Need help.

I guess support isn’t going to acknowledge my post

Support usually takes a few working days to reply the ticket made or more based on my own experience.
For Gameflip Mods on forums, they don’t come on daily. You can check their last online date under ‘Seen’ VV
You can tag the ones who usually responds. Still takes time depending on when they come online. @DarkKnight @MajorTom

fyi - I am only helping on forums as a normal buyer/seller.

Thank you for the advice.

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