Payoneer payout pending for days

My requested payoneer payout request has been pending for days now. Its my first withdrawal via Payoneer tho. Anybody with the same experience?

Hey @Monica,

I have answered you in the other topic, but since it is your first time withdrawing on Payoneer, please check the following information:

If this is the first time you are withdrawing money, it may take up to 7 days to process. This is an extra precautionary step that Payoneer takes. Afterwards, it will take typically 2 days.

If your withdrawal status is “Needs Approval” and the withdrawal occurs during the weekend, it will be reviewed on Monday at the latest.

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Thanks for the help. I get it clearly now.

Hello @DarkKnight

My paypal withdrawal is saying “Needs Approval”. This is not my first time withdrawing using paypal. why is that?

My code is PSFCZT

Hello @Monica!

I have verified and the wait for approval was from the regular 2 day wait for withdraw.

Have a great day :wink:

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Hello @DarkKnight. I’m having issues buying giftcard from my account. I’m unable to click place order on the checkout page. Please help look into this as soon as possible. Thanks.

Best regards.

Hello @Monica,

Sorry for the inconvenience this has caused :frowning:

Could you please provide me further detail (invite code and order ID) so I could look into this case?

Also, if your are able to provide us some screenshots, that would be great!

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Hello @DarkKnight !
When withdrawing money through Payoneer, i have pending… Pls help
My Code: B9GLZ5

Hello @DarkKnight ! Earlier money was transferred INSTANTLY to Payoneer, why now ALWAYS pending ?

Hello @satxtreme,

Sorry for the inconvenience this has caused.

I can see here that the payout request was completed successfully.

Also, please note that most payouts occur within a few hours, but some cases may take up to 2 business days.

God Speed! :trident: