Phone Verification Not Working

I have been trying to access my account and my phone number is the same but i not receiving the verification code?

Please help as I need to buy items.

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Hello, my advise is to contact Support. (Faster that way if you need to buy items ASAP)

There are different factors that lead to this so they would probably need more information from you.


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Thanks, do you how long they take to reply?

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I have contacted them via ticket to Support over 30 times. They usually reply within a day if not few hours. Longest took 2-3 days but that was because I submitted on friday. They are also humans who need rest.

If you get lucky, usually a few hours.
For Forums (here), it depends. Few hours to a few days. If you check ‘Lastest’ Posts, it has been around 3 days since mods have been active/replied to people.

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Thanks for your help. It is much appreciated

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