Platinum Subscription

Hi, I was interested in Platinum subscription, but I’m not clear about something.
4.5% instead of 8% applies only to ingame objects?
If I only had to sell my gift card, even though my Platinum subscription would pay 8% normal commission + 2% commission fee?
In practice, if I only sell gift cards, do I need anything or wrong?

Andrea Schirripa

Correct. The Platinum subscription applies only to in-game items that use our bots as delivery method.

Thx for the answer.
Is not that a bit exaggerated 10%? It would also be worthwhile to make a subscription dedicated to those who are trusting your site to sell gift cards. Maybe with a higher monthly cost but far lower rates!

I agree with this

The subscriptions are fairly new to us and we’re using the Gold and Platinum to understand the impact. We’ll look into releasing more subscriptions in the near future, but I cannot guarantee anything right now. Keep suggesting new stuff to us. We love to hear what you guys have in mind.