Please help I’m suspended😭

I do not know why I am suspended I have done nothing wrong.I bought this phone recently from a friend and it was my first phone so I kept all the data. I just sold some fortnite guns and I give them the guns then before I can say I shipped I got banned for having an alternative account.This was the first account I made and now I can’t cancel my susbscrition.Please help anyone at all my invite code is 8916M5

4 days and no response please anyone at all😭

:sob::sob:Plsssss​:sob::sob: anyone help meee​:sob::sob:

I see a moderator online I hope he/she can help me

Your account is an alternate account that was scamming users by asking them to rate first, before sending the items.

The suspension is permanent.

I’m unable to help you further.