Hello got suspended for no reason

Hello I really need help I have pending balance on gameflip and open trades but can’t login got suspended for trading outside gameflip which I didn’t do! My username is same omg I lost everything and not guilty!!!

My invite Code is XVG4S7 please solve this

You have sent your contacts of Skype and Whatsapp on a few exchanges that were cancelled since you did not have the product, and was said that you’d contact them.
We have a follow search function to be used for this, buyers can follow you or an specific search to get notified about it

Yes for when I have the codes I only trade on gameflip I’m sorry for confusion it was not my intention but I didn’t trade you can ask them

Then later they opened to buy when I had because when I cancel I can’t contact them. Im trying to work with trusted buyers there is alot of scammers on there who use codes and claim Code invalid @Tali please i won’t do it again I’m stupid because I got scammed by one guy for claiming Code invalid whi was valid and he used it on another Amazon account I was trying to avoid that by working with trusted feedback guys

I’ll remove your suspension, but be warned and tell your users to follow you instead.