Please help.. i'm new but my account is not...

As the title says my account was a member since jul 2016 but i’m not using it. and the day has come to use it i wanted to buy something and try to add funds of a worth 25$ using my paypal but its pending i’m new here please help and sorry for my bad english i don’t even know how to contact the support team… here’s the screen shot…

A lot of security changes have been implemented since you made your account. If it is your first purchase in a very long time, you have to be verified. Keep an eye out for message and emails asking you to provide proper documentation. Once you complete this process, your purchases should go smoother.

i see it should take 24hours right?

Thank you’re reply and sorry for wasting you time.

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Yes, it should clear within 24 hours, but I am not making any guarantees.

No problem! Feel free to reach out again if you need more help. You didn’t waste anytime at all! Happy new year!