Problem with fund pending

I needed to add $900 to my gameflip wallet So I added $600,$300 at a time and the 3rd time I did it,it’s been pending for like 5 hours. Any reason behind it?

Are you transferring money from your paypal account or from a debit/credit card?

Usually if it’s done in a repetitive sequence especially for a new user / buyer in a short time i’m guessing there’s automatic holds either from your bank or paypal to confirm that it is you purchasing and not fraudulent activity. ( i can’t say for 100% sure if gameflip holds and verifies funds )

Check first with paypal on your account page that funds have been credited to gameflip usually labelled as ijji, Inc.

Also do post your invite code so that they can get to your case faster

My bank was holding it b4 but I did called them and sort it out. However it did declined few times when i tried before calling them. Gameflip has taken my $ from my bank account but hasn’t transferred it to my gameflip wallet yet and its still pending.

Ah then gameflip mods will have to check your account and details .

Hold on tight while it should get sorted out.

Have your made a ticket to support about it? Also post your invite code

my invite code is 399DMX. Thank you so much for responding :grin:

No worries.
It may seem distressing at first but calm nerves always save the day.
All we need now is a heroine to save the day !!:sweat_smile:

Yeah hopefully everything will be fine under 24 hours lol

Well I got an email asking me to verify my recent purchase and do all those dumb stuffs. How do I get my money back to my bank account? I think i’m done with gameflip.

Only a moderator can do that and help you further with money transfers.

It takes only a few times to verify a few purchases before you are allowed to shop hassle free. I too have done it earlier and while it did cause some discomfort and annoyance, I did manage to see it from their viewpoint and do agree with their end of verification.

However you have posted your invite code and the mod should be able to help you further

Held next to your face, does that mean like take a selfie or just next to your driver liscence photo? Because if its asking for a selfie then its aint happening from me.

That is indeed a selfie.
Purchases of higher value pass through this kind of confirmation.
We understand if you decide to cancel this, or you can reply to that ticket asking us to refund your purchase if you do not wish to send the information requested.
Sorry for the inconvenience, just security rules.

I too had to provide verification earlier, like way way earlier starting out , but again it’s a 1 time deal to genuinely verify who you are. Now i enjoy purchasing hassle free.
fyi , don’t post your selfie here but in your email the link there :sweat_smile:

Ok I’m willing to verify even tho its super discomforting. So all I gotta do is write the four letter code I got,front and back of driver liscense and the bank card I used to purchase and a selfie holding saying etcetc with my signature and ID. Is that correct?

Correct. :slight_smile:

I did it, how long does it usually take for them to approve the verification?

And thank you very much