Prayers for France

I’d just like to say that my thoughts and prayers go to the people of France and to the victims of the terrorist attack on yesterday. You’re not alone today, you are being prayer for by millions. I’m just a gamer, sure, but I understand community because of my gaming and I understand tragedy like this. Because, though it was a long time ago, I remember the day I woke up to the World Trade Center attacks. France stood with America in solidarity, so now I stand with France in solidarité.

I wanted to start this thread not as a way to gain attention or use it in the raffle, but as an outlet to those who need to speak and as a way to say that you care. If you want to, that is, you don’t have to say anything at all. I would also encourage that anybody who wishes to post their good intentions here not to use this spot for the raffle either. In short, that would be in poor taste right now.

Amen! May God be with all of those who lost loved ones in this horrible tragedy.

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I hate to be “that guy” but I find that people focus too much on prayers and less on things like the cause(s) and possible solutions.

I’d prefer this thread go in the direction of a legitimate discussion on the state of France and the state of it’s laws (immigration policy, for example) and politicians.

Terrorist attacks are almost never sudden. To us this seems to be comparable to 9/11, but it isn’t really.

The 9/11 attack on the WTC was caused by terrorists planning from a different country, almost independent from our (The US) actions and done seemingly at whim.

The attack on Paris, however, was something that had been building up for some time, not necessarily as a plot, but more in the sense that it is the result of the degrading state of France’s political standing and the uprising of Politically Correct attitudes.

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To be fair, @ZalexDuhBeast, I don’t find that comment inappropriate at all, so you aren’t being what you would call “That Guy” to me. I agree that doing something to stop events like this from happening should be our main focus, but I wanted this page to be more for those who may be having issues with it all (more so if we have any users from France to know that we have their back).

Later, we can definitely dive into the reasons why and how we can change it into something that won’t happen again. But till then, the focus should be on taking care of the family that lost loved ones and a country that hasn’t had to deal with this kind of destructive violate since World War II.

Does that make sense?

It will take time to gather facts and find the “cause”. For the time being, our hearts are with the French and Parisians.

I have family living in Paris, and I’m just glad they’re ok. They said everything is shut down, and things are rather chaotic at the moment. It is a time to be in solidarity and help one another. There will be a time to learn the facts behind the attack and necessary actions going forward.


This is definitely another tragedy and I’m glad that this topic was started other than reading about contest posts and what not, but with this being a gaming community, my wife told me this morning that the terrorists used ps4’s to contact each other.

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Wow really? I had no idea about that. I’m mostly in the dark a lot because I’m in school right now, what I have learned is when I get acces to wifi.

Yes! Jesus is coming because everything the bible said would happen is happening now.

Praying will always help. Ask Christians. There have been many times of miraculous and supernatural answers when they had just a little faith. You may not hear the results of prayer in Paris, but trust me. They’re there.

And everything the bible said would happen before Jesus comes back is happening right now.

Well now we arnt here to say wether or not Jesus is coming back, we are here to just say that we are supporting the French in their time of sadness.

im suprised that no one did this on the Dec 2nd 2015 terrorist attack in San Bernardino, Ca.
Which i literally live right next to and work right down the street from where it all happened.
but glad this post was made always nice to see people coming into unity to support others :slight_smile:

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Well I would have made a page for they as well, but I had no wifi for several weeks, so all I could do was watch what was happening over the news. When I did get wifi it was very spotty.