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lol :smile::smile::smile::smile:

thanks! just what i needed :slight_smile:

People are flagging you? Just because they disagree with? Amazing how fragile people are now.


Because “tolerance” of today is when you agree with all, when you dont have your own opinion.


Does this coupon end at midnight tonight cause I was planning on buying something tomorrow?

Yea idk what’s wrong people nowadays

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because it raises discrimination, especially to those religious fanatics, also I don’t need to be homosexual to understand how wrong some comments online can do to others, lgbt represent many those discriminated by the preference on sex, if you start allowing those type of commentary, you promoting hate and also sick people like the last replier to make homofobic maybe even fanatic religious homofobic comments, just for the sole reason to offend and promote hate to that community who just simply most of them look for their happiness. this is my first time commenting and I ask moderator and gameflip employee to take action on hate speech and discrimination on the forum. since
not only promotes hate, but risk other forum members that might be part of the comunity of lgbt or of different sexual orientation offended and hated to the point of a breakdown and might promote suicide to does on with depression. @DunnBiscuit @DarkKnight and all others, thank you

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You’re truly a horrible person. Why don’t you get a horse and live in the mountains someplace, and don’t bother anybody…

Well said! :clap:t3:

So you’re against free speech.

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Of all the places to have this argument. I can confidently speak for everyone here and say, no one cares. If you don’t have a fresh new coupon code. Stop posting.


Hating on LGBT ? God I could puke. There is no reason to hate ANYONE race, color or creed. Spread love even if you don’t get it back, it’s not a waste of time at all, it can be your legacy. Your imprint on the planet. Don’t hate terrorists, do something instead to stop people being murdered over oil, vote wisely, rise up, make your voice heard to all injustice. It’s so easy to sit on your arse and write poison over the interwebs. It’s much harder to actually to try to fundamentally charge the core of society. We have constructed our own problems yet blame others for our own misgivings. Try looking at yourself, are you perfect ? Do you feel comfortable in society? Do you wish for political change yet vote for morons cause one is less moronic than the other ? Societies are flawed due to the people in them, society itself is a human construct just like time. Whine all you want but it will accomplish nothing and you’ll just get angrier and angrier. What’s the point of anger ? It didnt help Hitler, Stalin etc. Love though did help Ghandi, John Lennon, Mother Theresa. Evil men/women will be remembered in history books. Good men/women will be remembered by the people they have touched with peace, kindness and generosity.

You can’t help anyone else until you have helped yourself.

wait, you flagged Triplou?
disagreeing with someone isn’t “promoting hate”. i sense contradiction in your very first sentence.

what used to be the lgbt community is now an organization. if you’re ■■■, you’re not necessarily part of lgbt. anti ■■■ is mostly a thing of the past in the US. anti lgbtq is not. why? because now it’s headed by shallow politicians and activists, and in many ways has become ridiculously political and extreme to the point where a simple statement like, “I’m anti LGBT, but…” from our buddy Triplou up there, a simple and harmless statement of opinion, is flagged and censored, which is pretty friggin evil.
you should probably consider what you’re saying, cause you’re calling out religious fanaticism while being a political fanatic yourself.
btw, it’s not solely about sexual preference. the “t” in lgbtq has to do with gender.

Where the code at?

You know that LGBT is spreading hate ? (You just show it on your post)


love and "bigots’ You are so wrong.