Problem with listing list API

Hi I am using this call,unlisted&kind=item,gig&status=draft,ready,onsale,sold

but it doesn’t respond for neither expired items nor for any other on draft or ready! Only the items that onsale status


Your profile verified ? or did you submit your phone bill.

Of course, I made an error on my description the API call is returning the items that only on onsale status I am changing the visibility status public or unlisted

So, i think you have to talk to the support about this problem via ticket.






You can see these URLs from monitoring the HTTP calls from the tabs on

So, i think you need a help from the support just send to them a ticket.


How can i delete my posts from onsale and draft with api. Can you help me? Thanks

PATCH the listing to draft using the data payload:

    { "op": "replace", "path": "/status", "value": "draft" },

then DELETE it.

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