API get my_listings does not return listings with draft status

Hello l have the code below from gfapi samples on github
but unfortunately I have realized that the API endpoint is not returning the listings which are in draft status
Do you any ideas how can I solve this?

let owner = '';
let profile = await gfapi.profile_get(owner);
console.log(`==== User's Profile:`);
owner = profile ? profile.owner : owner;
if (owner) {
  let listings = await gfapi.listing_of(owner);
  console.log(`==== User's Listings:`);

In index.js (root directory) change

listing_of(owner) {
    return this._get(`listing?owner=${owner}`);


listing_of(owner) {
    return this._get(`listing?owner=${owner}&visibility=public,unlisted&kind=item,gig&status=draft,ready,onsale,sold`);

Are these allowed in gameflip?

Thanks for the help but this does not work for my case I must admit that the draft listings i am trying to retrieve, I have registered them through the gfapi also , I don’t know if this is a hint

I think I have solved it the listing must set at least one time as ONSALE status and then return it to it’s real status DRAFT or READY so you can retrieve it through API! … weird… Your change proposal is right for sure but an API user must set it’s listing ONSALE for at least on time

are you trying to retrieve your own listings in draft or other users? because it seems pretty obvious why you cannot see draft listings of other users…