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Hi, i just found out that gameflip provide a api system to create posts faster using API codes, but i just don’t know where to start or how hard is it to do it !! is there any step by step document that can help me out to create a upload serval rocket league listings via the api ?


Check this Link


Consult with Gameflip support here

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Make sure you enter the correct API key and secret into the command prompt, as shown in https://github.com/gameflip/gfapi at Step 4.

Please tell what OS you’re using, and give a screenshot of your Terminal/Command Prompt (with the personal information blacked out like your screenshot above).

Try deleting your API key and creating a new one and use that.

You can write out your command in a text editor and paste it in the Command Prompt as a single line for easier execution:

SET GFAPI_KEY=<my_api_key> & SET GFAPI_SECRET=<my_api_secret> & node src\samples\search_listing.js

Use “&” to separate each line of command.

Hi I’m also new to this, I’ve never coded before so I feel like it’s going to be a long journey of figure out how to produce listings for my gamelfip account on Xbox… That being said, I’d like to know how or where to install “dependencies” (third step on github). I just cant find cd gfapi and it says that it cant find this specific path on Node js… Got any advices?

If you did the git clone command in Step 2, it would create a folder called gfapi. cd gfapi means to go to that folder, and npm install will install software there needed to run the API tool.


I think that I am now ready to post listings, I’d just like to know how to do it. I cant find any website that show how to produce listings… Btw I have windows 10 and i am on xbox
How can I have access to “name” “description” and all that stuff??

Look under “Sample Code”. To run any of the sample files, type in the command line:

SET GFAPI_KEY=<my_api_key>
SET GFAPI_SECRET=<my_api_secret>
node src\samples\search_listing.js

Note that src\samples\search_listing.js is an example of a file you want to run. You can edit those JavaScript (.js) file with an IDE or Notepad. Please learn more about the API and JavaScript programming before running the create listing code.

Hi what is the utility of downloading Python? Since i ve started i am now able to do step 1 obvioulsy, then step 2, I have downloaded and cloned the samples on github, then at step 3 I wrote cd gfapi but it keeps saying invalid path or invalid syntax… Then once trying step 4 “Export” or “Set” makes nothing and I cant even write npm install gfapi/gameflip without having an error problem… Finally I kinda have no idea how to edit javascript with an IDE… Can you please send me links of courses or any tips for me to complete every steps properly. I’m ready to invest a lot of time in this process but I just kinda feel completely lost atm. Thanks for helping out, much love

I think I messaged the support long ago and there has been no reply so far. :confused:

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