RAFFLE - Gameflip Credits: Jan 14-15

Gameflip’s Credits RAFFLE

Jan 14th - 15th

Enter the raffle below for your chance to win a part of a $300 pool. 10 lucky winners will win $30 ea. in Gameflip Credits!

Raffle ends Jan. 15th, 2015 4:00 PM (PST)



Congrats to the following winners! We’ll be emailing all of you and issuing out the Credits later today.

1. Zachary H.
2. Joshua C.
3. Matt C.
4. Steve A.
5. Matt W.
6. Dan M.
7. Nick
8. Cotrell P.
9. John B.
10. Dennis P.

omg i won!!! thx gameflip!!!

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Glad i won but wish these credits didn’t expire all the stuff thats listed here are more then $30 and no im not gonna buy these random steams keys thats not worth it and its a risk.