[EXPIRED] The $500 Gameflip Raffle Is On!

Which Items Are Eligible?
Any item, as long as it’s purchased on Gameflip during the promotion period.
Only the purchase has to be done during the promotion period. Further steps of the transaction, like rating the seller, are not necessary to make an item and purchase eligible.

Who Can Participate?
Any Gameflip user can participate in this promotion.

What are the prizes?
All prizes are to be paid out in Gameflip Credits. The Grand Prize is $300. 2nd to 5th places get $50.

Where Do I See My Entries?
There’s no interface built for the entries, so in order to track these, you will have to calculate one entry for every $1 on purchases on Gameflip during the promotion period.

Do I Have to Buy A $1 Item To Participate?
No. If you buy a $5 item, you get 5 entries. If you buy a $15 prize, you get 15 entries. If you buy 2 items priced at $10 each, you get 20 entries and so forth.

Do Shipping Costs Count For Getting Entries?
No. You should only sum up the prices of the items purchased.

Is There a Limit of Entries?
No. There’s no absolute limit and no limit per participant.

What Is The Duration of The Promotion?
The Gameflip Raffle starts on 01/09/2016 (3AM ET / 12AM PT) and ends on 01/11/2016 (3AM ET / 12AM PT).
On Monday, 01/11/2016 the Gameflip Team will announce the winners in the forums and send them emails.
The prizes will be issued on Monday, 01/11/2015.

What Are Gameflip Credits?
Gameflip Credits are funds that can be used exclusively towards purchases on Gameflip. Gameflip Credits can’t be transferred to a bank account. If not used, Gameflip Credits expire after 7 days from the date they were issued to the account.

Gameflip reserves the rights to modify the promotion rules and period without prior notice.

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Well this knew, and sounds pretty exciting! Shame I can’t buy anything this weekend but good luck to everyone else!

dang im late to the party i just found out right now. :frowning: sucks i dont have time to buy anything and im about to go to work so im out of this contest :frowning: oh wells.

nice promo too bad i am more of a seller than buyer. well maybe someone will buy some of my stuff today lol.

im a buyer and seller lol. I feel like i mostly buy though i mean i get a decent amount of sales but i feel i buy more lol dang impulse buys on what i want

Due few technical difficulties, we’re postponing the announcement of the Raffle winners. We apologize the inconvenience.

We hope to have everything figure out until tomorrow 1/12/2016, so we can move on and announce the blessed ones :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Stay tuned!

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Ladies and Gentlemen!

We finally got our list of winners for the raffle. Are you ready?!


  • 1st Place - 300 Credits - S. Cavender
  • 2nd Place - 50 Credits - J. Gulbransen
  • 3rd Place - 50 Credits - N. Whidden
  • 4th Place - 50 Credits - K. Aftd Dj
  • 5th Place - 50 Credits - J. Kim


Stay tuned for the upcoming promotions! We’ll be giving out a lot more cool stuff soon! :smiley: