[EXPIRED] The Weekend Raffle Is On!

Which Items Are Eligible?
Any item, as long as it’s listed and purchased on Gameflip during the promotion period.
Only the purchase has to be done during the promotion period. Further steps of the transaction, like rating the seller, are not necessary to make an item and purchase eligible.

Who Can Participate?
Any Gameflip user can participate in this promotion.

What are the prizes?
All prizes are to be paid out in Gameflip Credits. The Grand Prize is $300. 2nd to 5th places get $75 and 6th to 10th get $25.

Where Do I See My Entries?
There’s no interface built for the entries, so in order to track these, you will have to calculate one entry for every $5 on purchases on Gameflip during the promotion period.

Do I Have to Buy A $5 Item To Participate?
Not necessarily. If you buy a $5 item, you get 1 entry. If you buy a $15 prize, you get 3 entries. If you buy 2 items priced at $10 each, you get 4 items. Last example, if you buy 2 items priced at $3 each, you get 1 entry.

Do Shipping Costs Count For Getting Entries?
No. You should only sum up the prices of the items purchased.

Is There a Limit of Entries?
No. There’s no absolute limit and no limit per participant.

What Is The Duration of The Promotion?
The Gameflip Raffle starts on 08/08/2015 (3AM ET / 12AM PT) and ends on 08/10/2015 (3AM ET / 12AM PT).
On Monday, 08/10/2015 the Gameflip Team will announce the winners in the forums and send them emails.
The prizes will be issued on Monday, 08/10/2015.

What Are Gameflip Credits?
Gameflip Credits are funds that can be used exclusively towards purchases on Gameflip. Gameflip Credits can’t be transferred to a bank account. If not used, Gameflip Credits expire after 7 days from the date they were issued to the account.

Gameflip reserves the rights to modify the promotion rules and period without prior notice.

I feel kind of bad for entering this one (about to anyway) since I just won the other one :laughing:

Question though, is it one entry for every PURCHASE of $5 or more, or every $5 spent?

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One entry for EVERY $5 spent. So, if you buy a nice controller priced at $50, you’ll get 10 entries. If it’s priced at $52, you will get the same 10 entries. Now if you got the controller for $53 and bought another game for $3 (total = $55), that’s 11 entries.

Man this raffle gets better and better, my wallet is ready

So I just bought $69 worth of things (yes, I REALLY want to win)

I was checking my balance and looked at my transaction history, it says the money was taken out on August 7th

Then I looked at my purchases, it said that I bought those things on August 8th.

So did my purchases count or not? (Yes, it was after 3AM ET

I’ve got a Batman PS4 I can sell you for $400 if you wanted 80 entries. LOL

Oh wait, you’ve already got one. :stuck_out_tongue:

Congrats on the win BTW. That thing looks so stylish! :sunglasses:

Thanks, but I still really want to know if my entries got in :laughing:

Currently you can only buy items through the app correct? Will you ever be able to buy without the app?

Well, guess I just gotta hope my entries got in. Good luck to everyone who entered! :grinning:


I’m proud to announce the winners of The Weekend Raffle:

For the winners, CONGRATULATIONS!
An email following up with the next steps to receive your prize is on the way!

For all participants, thank you again and stay tuned for upcoming promotions on Gameflip!

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