Rate Gameflip Support From {1- 5} 1 being horrible

i am having a problem for 3 weeks now still not fixed i am wondering if this is a specific case or is the support really just that bad. So please let me know guys


Support - 2 Forum Mods - 4
When i first started, I find the support to be rather inefficient, as it took a few days to reply to my ticket, thus i would normally just seek help from the forum mods rather than sending a ticket. After waiting for their support to respond, they would give a very generic response which wouldn’t solve my issue at all. That was a few months ago, not really sure about it now as i spend more time on other platforms than on gameflip.

Forum mods on the other hand, has been really helpful, as they reply within 2 days (?) during weekdays. Although i would prefer dunn to come back, the current ones seems to be fine i guess.

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i see …Very honest… What other platforms are you using ?

Kinguin, amount they tax is awfully high, and whenever you list something regardless of the amount, you’ll have to pay $0.10. Thus only use it if you’re going to mass sell smth. Payout availability is also 2 months, but if you’re willing to wait its pretty worth it, as my sales per day on that site is about 5 times more than here.

I also use other sites which are for the residents of my country, thus i wont be mentioning it.

Edit: you’ll have to sign up as a merchant on Kinguin, whole process takes about 2 days.

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