REFER credits problem

I cant redeem my credits after 4 of my friends bought something in shop. Nothing happens when i click on notiffication

If you haven’t done so already, can you contact support and we can look into your account and those who you referred so we can get a better idea of what’s going on.

when i click there is a loading for a while and then nothing happens

Are you trying to click the notification on the website or the app?

I have this same problem. First three notification was working but the last four not working. I send message to support and i wait for respond

Great thanks. They’ll be able to look into your account and get a better idea of what’s going on and issue any Credits that weren’t issued properly.

So i was waiting for support and they asked me for screen shot of my notifications i sent it to them then they set my request as solved -,-

And now my account got suspended for no reason so i kade another account and it got suspended too and my money is left there now good, pretty good

Same thing with me…i brought in 23 people to gameflip…can i get some type of recognition please love the app so im trying to promote

@David_Rodriguez You actually only get $2 in Credit for inviting one person, not 23.

@Chruppek Due to an increase of users trying to exploit the friend invite system, we’ve been proactively suspending accounts. You can email support so we can look at your account and deem if this is not the case.

I understand the $2 credit per person…please note i mentioned i invited 23 people i see three purchases made yesterday from the people i invited i dont get those credits?

After looking into our Support queue, I do see that you currently have a couple tickets open and our CS will be able to further assist you and should get to your tickets shortly.

Thank you very much!

I will await for any extrea credits i might be missing thank you

My brother created account yesterday got 10$ from invites and got suspended. He already wrote to support. So if he hasnt done anything wrong his account will. Unlocked before credits disapear?

I cant post an item for sale is my account suspended as well? Please help ty

someone know how to solve it ??

i invited 6 friends, get only 1 notificarion, this notification dont work, and cant see other notifications, so i have $6 credits and cant get it… someone can help ?

Please note that you are only allowed 1 Invite Friend Credit equaled to $1 USD as stated within the app/website. You can read more info about Credits here: