Remove unfair rating

hello mod,
I only sell Fortnite counterattack (REflix skin)
and Maaz Khalid
he bought only 1 code from me, and success, no message
He rate me poor for reason:
“i bought 2 reflex code and got it then i bought 1 honor guard code and he took money and didnt gave me the code.” I’m irrelevant
I never sell honor guard code.
Please help me remove
my code: UAWRUH
Order ID

Hey son_nguyen_duc!

Just verified your issue and I have decided to remove the rating in your case.

Also, while we are here, please remove the personal information that you have stated on the “about” section of your profile and be aware that you are not authorized to conduct sales outside of Gameflip.

God speed!

:trident: New forum moderators!

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