Request for withdraw denied by PayPal

I always withdraw without any problems, but last week it keep give me “Request for withdraw denied by PayPal” I tried more than 5 times, I verify my account on gameflip, I asked paypal support and the answer was (no restriction on receiving money) please help! what to do?

invite code : XG44JC

Please provide your invite code (found on your profile page on your Gameflip account) so that your account can be looked up.

invite code : XG44JC

And here is photo from paypal

I have the same problem! Help please!
Code: NNZT8A

Yes almost the same, after 2 February all withdraw canceled

My PayPal has told that I have no problems!
And you don’t solve this problem in any way!
You have a half of a forum with the same problem and you can’t even tell WHAT SHOULD be DONE!

You guys need to contact PayPal support as said previously. Please check the statement below:

Any error message received comes directly from PayPal. Please contact PayPal support and share this link which shows the reason for the canceled transfer:

Thank you.