I want to cancel my withdraw request

Hello. I accidently tried to withdraw my money. How can i cancel it please help me.

Be sure to leave your Invite code so the moderators can find you.

Invite cod: U61MUK


Unfortunately, as I checked the payout was already completed. Thus Iā€™m unable to hep you further.

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Yeah because 2 days past and nobody helped me ā€¦

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Hello I want to cancel my gameflip withdraw request, I was trying if it works but accidentally did it, my invite code is: PCM465
The amount of money was $10


Please refrain from replying on topics that are old.
Next time, do create a new topic or message directly. Thank You.

You should contact regarding the matter.
But if it has been paid already, it cannot be undone.

It might also take a few days if not one for you to get a reply here so it is best to not do it again next time. You can ask on forums or ask Support first if you have any doubts rather than to test it.