Can you cancel my withdrawal and refund back the money to my Gameflip account

My other payment got cancelled by Gameflip and i tried again and waited 24hours and it’s still not working so can you refund the money back to my account again

My invite code: 71BAQ5

Hello @Omar_Omar,

I have tried cancelling the payout for you, but unfortunately it is not possible since the payout is already in-transit.

Sorry for the inconvenience and have an awesome day!

God Speed! :trident:

My other payout was one week in transit and it got cancelled because it wasn’t going through and this one has been 3 days and it has the same problem and the admin said if it doesn’t go through he will refund me the money again back into my account.

Also my payout isn’t going through like last time gameflip says it takes 1-2days and it’s been over 3 day’s and last time it was a week in transit so could you refund it like it was refunded last time by Bert