Selling AMD rewards voucher code?

Hi everyone, just looking to get some clarification as i’m new here.

I have an AMD rewards voucher code for Uncharted from purchasing a Ryzen CPU and wanted to get clarification if i can sell it on here.

I found a couple of threads regarding this and, in those posts, the OP had an existing AMD rewards account and the general consensus selling this would be prohibited as it would require the buyer to provided the steam credentials, which is understandable.

In my case, i don’t have an AMD rewards account, so my intention is to just sell the code and allow the buyer to either use their existing AMD account to redeem, or create one themselves if they don’t have one and they can then link that game to their steam or epics account.

Is this acceptable? I’m just selling the code and theres no account sharing as it’ll require the user to create or using an existing account of their own.