I want to sell a game from AMD REWARDS site.

Hello Gameflip users! A few months ago I bought a Radeon GPU and I got 2 free games on AMD REWARDS site. The first game from my account has been released yesterday ( Resident Evil™ 2 - Steam ) and I don t know if I am allowed to sell the game on Gameflip. The user needs to give me his steam (while we are on discord -sharing the screen- and both of us are recording ) in order for me to use my AMD account and activate the game on his steam account.

If the user agrees with my method and buys my listing am I allowed to post the listing with the game? ( My account has over 300 successful transactions and I have no reason to scam or do anything else)

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It’s very hard to reach agreement about this kind of sellings these days.Also you must select coordinated transfer and tell all this in order description.

Of course mate, I listed all the steps in the description.I am afraid that if the user agrees and buys I might get banned by Gameflip :frowning:

Idk what about USA, But in EU - even if in “agreement” you can read that game is not for resell - you can still sell it because is “your”.

It can be hard for buyer to activate the game, that why you should write in description it, and after a buyer will buy, before send him anything - ask again if he accept it, make video or take screenshot in case.

I think, gameflip won’t ban you if you will have proof that you “gave” him a game in case he will open dispute.

Sorry for poor english.

If you and buyer are all good They won’t suspend you.

I will use my Amd account to activate the game on his steam account while I share my screen on discord and both of us will be recording.I ll list my listing if you say that it depends on buyer’s agreement

how much you selling it for ?

44.99 ( is 60 on steam)

You you are asking the user’s steam information to get yourseld within his account I’m afraid it isn’t allowed.

If you send the Game as a gift of some sort I think it is okay.

Can you please describe the process better so i can confirm this for you?


This is the exactly description of my listing on Gameflip :"

This game is from the AMD Games reward!

I can t give you my AMD account because it has more than 1 game to be activated and I can t risk to lose my account.

The whole process will be recorded and we will be talking on discord while recording and sharing my screen, so you can see that I activate the account without doing anything else.

In order to activate the game on steam you need to give me your steam details while I record everything (you need to record the whole process too)!

My account has a lot of successful transactions so you have no reason to worry about getting your steam account stolen (after I redeem the game you can change the password).

If you are interested, but you are not sure if you are going to buy it, just leave a comment down below and we can talk. "

What do you think Dunn?
I will do everything while I share my screen, and I ll request the steam guard only once when I login in order to redeem the game on his steam account. Even if I would want to scam, I can t do anything if he doesen t give me his steam guard multiple times ( I ll request it only once while I am talking with him and sharing my screen on discord). After I redeem the game I ll log out from his account and he can change the password.

Asking someone to give you their username and password so you can log in to their account probably counts as account sharing.

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I am waiting for Dun’s response, because I want to be sure. I don t think there is a problem if the buyer agrees with my method and everything goes smooth… I mean why would I risk to get my Gameflip account banned (having 300 transactions).

It will be breaking the ToS.

"Items or services that require the exchange of account credentials

Services or items that require either the buyer or the seller to exchange sensitive information such as game account credentials are not allowed on Gameflip."

If you need to ask them for there username and password to do it then its breaking ToS and its not allowed regardless if the buyer agree or not to it.

If you are sending them a code to download the game then that okay to do.

Remember it’s not about if someone agree or not to your method if it breaks ToS please dont do it or take the risk of being banned.

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As @galacticarm and @CidxLucy shared and said, it is forbbiden and you will be breaking the ToS.

Regardless of your method, if you ask for the buyer’s credentials in any of your listings or sales, your account might get suspended. With that said and if it is the only way of activating the game, you won’t be able to sell it here I’m afraid.

Thank you.

Then, I guess I ll just give my account and let the other person to activate the game

If you share your information as well you will be breaking the TOS and your account might get suspended, also you will put your account in a bad spot where it could be hacked by the buyer.

With that all said, do not do this.

Oof… I won t do it then

@Captain_Jack_Sparrow please be careful with replying to post that are over a month+ old.

If you’re trying a sell you can use this
Listings - Selling

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