Monster Hunter World and rules of the site!!!

Hello dear seller, buyers and other guests of the forum. I have one question most likely not to you, but more to the site administration. Few days ago I purchased activation code for the game Monster Hunter World from Nvidia. But being on vacation I did not have access to my PC to activate it. I calmly closed the transaction and rate seller. I had no doubts about the quality of the product, but I bought few other things from this seller and its ok. But after returning home, I decided to activate my new code and received information that this code was used earlier. I immediately wrote to support Nvidia and give them all information about activation code. I asked them to give me information about date and time of activation of this key. They told me that they would not give it, since selling these codes is prohibited and they go as a gift to the video card. They began to convince me that I was deceived. In this case I have few question to administration of

  • how many such products are sold here and where do sellers have permission to sell them?
  • is there a violation of the rules of the site?
  • what should i do to get my money back?

I saw a lot of sellers who sell this code from Nvidia, and they have a lot of such codes. Do they have so much video card?

@Tali , @DunnBiscuit

@tali @DunnBiscuit please can you respond my ticket and help with verification

Can you help please My order is in hold and need to speed up the process I appreciate if you read the ticket and try to help me

Well this product is safe to sell, it is not a beta code, it doesnt require third party activation, people who bought graphic card like for minning they dont need the game so they can sell it in order to retrieve some money. And as any other code you shouldn’t qualify the seller before activating it. Steps are very clear and it can be done on phones too. Try reaching support and contact the seller in order to get replacement or something. Nvidia is granting a legal copy of games and its totally safe to link your account in order to claim a game. Theres few promotions like Battlefield V with RTX gpus, Monster Hunter : World, Counterattack set for Fortnite (most popular) etc etc .

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