Selling Ps4 controller. Input please

i have the red and black ps4 controller that I recently purchased. I wanted to sell it since I also recently purchased an Xbox one. The controller has a few hours of play on it, I have it listed at 60 with free shipping and open to offers. Everyone that comments is basically saying it’s overpriced. Can I please get some input on this matter.

Well, how much is it being sold for at GameStop and Amazon? Take the price from either of those and then find out what it comes out to after taking off about 80%.

So, 80% of the GameStop price for the red controller is $64.99 online and new. Since you said that its “tour of duty” isn’t that long, use the “New” pricing which means it comes out to about $52.00. You can raise or lower it from around their, but I would suggest that you don’t go to far above or below from their.

That’s how I do my pricing for my listings. Hope that helps!