Skin House Lowballs Every New User

Can we warn this guy? I brought this up months ago and he harassed and spammed me then until I had to block him. He’s not even friendly about it, “SET IT 115 NOW”. Literally every new user that posts any item over $10 or more than 20% off has to deal with this. I’ve seen users have to block him several times so it’s clearly not welcome. Chojak also does it but is at least polite.

Look at this poor guy who had to block them after they wouldn’t leave him alone lol:

Good morning, I see that I should not be leaving anything for you to buy! Skin House “gameflip featured store” the best csgo store, 4100 + positive feeds and no negative feedback, I offer quicksell, because I am a reseller, sells who wants and I will continue to buy with high discounts, because I know how to trade, buy cheap and sell cheap, and until today I have not seen any unsatisfied customers, except some jealous sellers who work here in the gameflip and who do not get tired of coming in the forum talk more than it should! thanks for doing free advertisement of the store, who wants prices with real discounts is just look at this link and compare with other stores! Thank you ! SH. :heart:

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Seller knife butterfly , don´t blocked me ! Brady is nice guy ! goes trying and inventing lies ultra violet

Plis look this @DunnBiscuit you had already warned him not to create posts in the forum that would denigrate the image of the stores. besides he is lying!

I don’t see this being inappropriate / abuse of chat in commet. If you have any evidence that is deemed inappropriate Gameflip would look into it.

I don’t see anything on this listing that you give that is deemed inappropriate. Is it rude; little but its not breaking ToS. I would have to side with @Turbo_Skins

Lucy :heart:

It’s called sharking and not welcome on most places skins are traded/sold. Like on the big reddit forum there is bot that always posts, " Sharking is not tolerated here, and any attempt made will result in a permanent ban." Basically Skin House tries to heavily pressure users into selling their skins for way too little. It’s awful that a “featured store” is constantly doing this. There’s no need to post several times on every new users listing spamming his terrible offers and steam profile.

Edit: As for ‘inventing lies’, you can see Skin House/Turbo Skins asking to have his friend unbanned here after he bugged this guy too many times.

Another comment, “the market value is like 235 and u want 132? thats crazy lol”. Your offers sure sound appreciated.

He tries to pass himself off as nice, polite guy on the forums, but he’s anything but. Constantly trying to cheat others and it’s laughable I would be doing this out of jealous as I have over 3x the sales he does, many before users like him started making it a worse place to sell. He’s not above spamming people’s listings like a child either, I should have documented that from the last time I tried to “denigrate” him.

Edit: See, he’s already aware and taking the hint for now.

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Well being you had a lot more information then last post, you know this user more then do.

I’m going to drop out of this topic, let @Turbo_Skins, you and @DunnBiscuit find a middle ground.

My apologies for jumping in the middle.
I just want everyone to be happy on the forums

Lucy :heart:

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Umm, I don’t find this offensive nor this breaks any of our ToS. But I don’t see the need to comment every minute as @Turbo_Skins.

So just make the needed comment @Turbo_Skins and you are good to go.

@000 if you have evidence on any offensive behavior, just send it via PM.

Thank you.