Lost StatTrak Butterfly Knife Fade [Factory New]


I deposited a skin today which was the StatTrak Butterfly knife fade, it was factory new and i won it, wanted to sell but regret it as i wanted to use it a little bit but when i tried to get it off Gameflip and delete it the bot didnt trade me, and now when i look in the listings its not there, please help me :frowning:

If you haven’t done so already, please contact Support so we can look into your account and better assist you with this issue.

I did but it has been days already :frowning:

If we never contacted you back initially, please make sure to also check your Spam folder as sometimes emails may be filtered there. If not, feel free to try contacting Support again just in case we never received the first email.

I signed up with facebook and i cant remember the password to the email i used

Still need help with this, its a knife worth over $300+ so i’d like to see it back please!

Bump, still need help with this.

If you signed up through Facebook, you’ll have to change your password through Facebook.

I used an old G-Mail to open my Faceook in 2008, I haven’t used that email in many years and I’ve tried to recover it but with no luck so please let me know what options i have

If you haven’t contact Support yet, please do so. This way they can get more personal information from you to help you gain access back to your account.

Well since you can’t understand the problem here I hope support will if I tell them I lost access to that email

By chance does anyone know how to change a trade URL

Open your Settings menu then click on Steam Connect. You can paste your trade URL in the resulting text field.

I don’t see “Steam Connect” all there is, is Preferences and notifications

The Steam Connect setting is only available on gameflip.com. Login using the same method (ex: Facebook) as you would within the app and go to Menu > Settings