My knife skin has gone missing

So, I used this website to sell it to a buyer. I connected my steam and selected my butterfly Damascus Field-tested into the inventory. I got the bot request to trade the knife to which I accepted it. Then an error popped up, saying the trade didn’t go through. I tried again and then I accepted the second request. Then I learn that my knife is not on my account on Game flip nor in my Steam account. I’ve emailed the help desk and they responded that they did not receive it at all. They stopped responding after that. Has anyone else had this happen? It was worth a bit of money and i’d hate to see it disappear from some error from this website.

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Once i saw a guy that complained the same about your saying. So far i know (hope no) you were scammed. There is like a bot that i dont know how takes via ur url trade the info about the another url trade (like a virus that got info via ur ulr link to get info about the another trader url). So the first one got declined (the gameflip one) and this bot/virus coppied the same or similar profile/all of the gameflip bot and sent you the offer,

Resume : got scammed via another user who has like a virus on ur trade url.

Hope you can understand what i mean. In the best of the cases is just an error from GF, but this ■■■■ sadly have already happened to a few ppl :confused:

That is something I had sort of thought about after. The bot changed names and the whole profile seemed fishy. But that’s great to know this website can just have blatant phishing and scammers waiting for you to use it. And for the company to tell you they’ll do nothing about it. Good jobs, guys!

the blame is not on the site friend, your steam is hacked you went into some exchange site or bet and called your steam, at that moment your account was exposed, you did not accept the gameflip proposal! because it was canceled by the person who has access to your racketed account. unfortunately gameflip can not do anything. now you try to change your access passwords and pass a good antivirus on your pc. Unfortunately you missed your item, but you can still report the profile and post stram di golpista here to report too, the seven days that the item is retained is the time you have to maybe get it back by the steam support, but no very likely, because he can not trade but can sell on steam at the time and buy other irens without blocking!

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What @Turbo_Skins said is correct.

I think you got your Steam account compromised, and if so, nothing can be done here.

But I’ll need to confirm such information first. So, please open ticket to the support team, and then send me the number via PM, so I can check this further.

Thank you.

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