Gave my knife to a bot and it wasnt posted up

I pressed on the see trade offer button after trying to post it up so there is no chance it was a fake bot. Would really appreciate it if I got my knife back.

Can you give me link to a bot you traded with?

Yh he changed his name :confused: But still I pressed on the see trade offer button so I expect to be refunded or something, It’s not my fault am i right?

Before sent offer to him, have you before visited any website “gambling”? Someone did ask you to put your knife to gameflip? Someone did ask you to visit some website or anything?

This is not real bot, change password of your account, reset api .

You got scammed, and Gameflip has nothing to do with it.

But I pressed on the see trade offer so how was I supposed to know?

Gameflip redirected me to a scam then

Is not gameflip.

Look that “real” offer from gameflip is declined.
You logged on phishing website, that why i tell you to change your password.

Scammer bot looked up on your trade offers, he changed his name to “gameflip”, declined real offer, you accepted scam bot offer.

But they still redirected me to it, how was I supposed to know, I lost €75 because of this

They didnt redirected you to bot scam, gameflip redirected you to last trade offer you received. In same time, scam bot who got your password, declined gameflip trade offer, changed his name and sent you fake trade.

You logged to phishing website, and someone can do everything on your account expect accepting trades, this how it works.

I bet, someone did ask you to put knife on gameflip.

There is a new scam method that automatically cancels tradeoffers and automatically send a new trade offer from a fake bot that looks the same, for more info see this reddit post