scammed by your site

I posted an offer with my heatwave and your bot said some1 paid those money and told me to finish the trade with that person. i offered him the trade link and a person added me and told me to give him the heatwave and he will confirm. i offered him the item, he took it, and after that 2 of his friends added me and told me is scam. So i want my item BACK. Im not on this site to get scam by your idiot communiti right? i can send you some screenshots :

Ihe told me how this trade works.
i gave him the heatwave :
two other guys instantly added me after i gave that heatwave and told me that is scam. i repeat. INSTANT:
These 3 guys are working together and scamming people. I want my money or my heatwave back. I worked hard for that.
5 i got the steam links of these 3 faggots.
Give me my heatback or my money back. Im not your looser,
If you want more SS, contact me. i have a lot

Sounds like the guy pretended to be Gameflip and commented on your listing, and you didn’t bother check Menu > Listing > Sold to see if you actually sold the item nor follow instruction. Gameflip never got the payment from the scammer so they cannot do anything. The only thing you can do is report the scammer so they be banned.

For those who had never sold anything, you should read the how to sell guide (Rocket League):

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