I got scammed by a bunch of poor kids

I posted an offer with my heatwave and your bot said some1 paid those money and told me to finish the trade with that person. i offered him the trade link and a person added me and told me to give him the heatwave and he will confirm. i offered him the item, he took it, and after that 2 of his friends added me and told me is scam. So i want my item BACK. Im not on this site to get scam by your idiot communiti right? i can send you some screenshots :

  1. Ihe told me how this trade works.
  2. i gave him the heatwave : http://imgur.com/a/DMZU8
  3. two other guys instantly added me after i gave that heatwave and told me that is scam. i repeat. INSTANT:
  4. These 3 guys are working together and scamming people. I want my money or my heatwave back. I worked hard for that. http://imgur.com/a/LcMYP
    5 i got the steam links of these 3 faggots.
    Give me my heatback or my money back. Im not your looser,
    If you want more SS, contact me. i have a lot

Hey, in cases like this you need to contact our support team.

If you have done so, please send me via PM the ticket number so I can check it for you. If not, please contact our support at support@gameflip.com,

Thank you.