Traded csgo skins by bot (scammed)

Probably should’ve listened to what people said about trading by bots but I wanted to give it a chance. Now I lost $60 worth of skins. I traded the skins, gameflip sent me a trade link, supposedly a gameflip trade bot but when I checked again, the named changed to CP gaming and the inventory was private as well as trade banned.
Any ideas on what to do next? Or is there nothing else to do.

API configured for scam in your steam . Check your api save ! Gameflip no have bot scammer ! Click link below and erase api save in your steam !

Hey, in the past you have logged in a pishing website (website that looks like steam but actually is not a steam) and you wrote your password and steam guard code.

Phishing website did activate API key and they were later able to control your trades.

Is not a gameflip fault, no matter to who you would send empty trade, you would be still scammed.

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Thank you, I checked and it was an Api from csgolounge

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ok brother!

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