Someone Scammed my 80$ Please Check Order.

Someone sent me wrong code because amazon card have 14 15 digits with combination of letter and numbers. Scammer sent me 16 digit card with only numbers and code is invalid when i tried to redeem.
He also admitted he scammed me in message box of chat please check order fast there is less time remaining . You should check scammer Tickets first then general tickets otherwise scammers will scam us same way in future. My Work system also destroyed because my main 80$ is under hold from yesterday and i can’t trade any more without this capital. My subscription plan also effected by this scammer because i cant trade more without this money.
Order ID f18b1505-3192-4b5b-b9e8-30a6527e1efa
Please check it fast and refund me my money.

Please i am begging do it fast

Ticket ID: 120846

Please check

i am waiting please do it fast my subscription going to end

Why Support is so slow? i mean you are also making money on transactions so please add workers