Something goes wrong. I cant completely register. Support didnt help

Hi everyone. I very confused, because I cant register completely on I want to sell gift cards and sometimes game keys, but it needs ID verify. Ok, no problem. I sent my documents and after 4 days I received message with ERROR (image wrong format). I checked my photos and I still didnt understand what goes wrong…Ok, I wrote to support, but I didnt receive and answer about week. Few days ago I received strange message from support

(Thank you for reaching out to us and we apologize for the delay to respond to your issue.

Since there’s been this delay caused by the large influx of tickets we’ve recently received, could you please let us know if you are still facing the reported issue? Just reply to this email and let us know the issue is not resolved.

In case the issue is already resolved, please feel free to close this ticket or not reply to this message.

We appreciate your patience on this matter.

Gameflip Help)

Ok, I answered about my problem. My problem is still open.
And I didnt receive any answer and help.
What should I do? I waste a lot of my time and I get nothing…

Image in wrong format could either means you didn’t send the images in jpg or png file format. Or it could mean the image is not clear or without selfie. See this help article for how to submit ID verification.

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