Sooooo....who wants a PS4?

So apparently, you can create a new forum everyday to enter into a chance to win a Star Wars PS4 console. Why not create a new forum everyday? :smile:

And yes, just making up generic/random talk to enter in again lol. Its better than simply writing “trying to win a ps4”

Well it’s just a better idea to just make the one forum and then take the link from each new post in the forum. As long as it’s a working link, and it’s in forums, that’s what really matters ya know…and I like apple pie with ice cream…what you asked for random :stuck_out_tongue:

Is it actually possible to use the same forum link over and over? Cause it says to create a new forum to be able to enter each day. (Maybe I should look and see tomorrow…and pancakes! lol)

Actually it says to use a new Forum Post every day, not what tips of post it should be. So my interpretation is that it just wants you to share the most updated post you have done.


That sounds about right. And I guess it’s time to spam again lol.

I wonder if I can post images here cause…CHOOOOOCOLATE!

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On a side topic does anyone think that there will be any special Black Friday Star Wars Battlefront PS4 Bundle Sale?

I would be happy with a PS4. Just making my post… and I like blueberry cobbler.

If there is, I don’t feel it will be much of a discount. But other than that, i honestly don’t know. But you can definitely expect some decent discounts for the consoles and older games.

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Yeah I’d say the discount won’t be to much or at all for the new bundles since they just came out, but I bet the PS4 itself will take a nice price drop (hopefully). Still, it would be nice if this bundle were to be dropped down a few bucks. Till then, I’m just going to do each contest here XD

My major plan is to get a ps4 in either these contest or selling anything for the Xbox contest. I don’t know if I’d keep the Xbox one but if I don’t, I’d sell it on here, make more money for it and then buy a ps4 on here…it’s a win win!