Black Friday PS4 Bundles

Does anyone think there will be a surprise sale for the PS4 Bundles? I’d love to win the Battlefront bundle but as a backup I would love to score one below MSRP. Seems like there are much better Xbox One deals this week.

I see kohls has them for 299 but I’m sure there will be better somewhere else.

they have the Star Wars Bundle on sale or the Uncharted???

I’m not sure I just glanced at the add and was more surprised that kohls was selling a ps4

I see alot of sales going on for all the consoles. Stores that definitely have sales are: Target, Best Buy, Gamestop, Walmart and Amazon.

Here is a link where you can find more details :slight_smile:

thanks for the link. Seems like Uncharted is the 2015 PS4 Black Friday Bundle. Was hoping that it would be Star Wars but maybe i will be pleasantly surprised.

yeah :confused: i honestly dont see any star wars bundles on any of those pages. but they will still most likely have some type of sale on them when the day comes around, but not sure if it will have the $300 price tag like the uncharted bundle does

i hope that they have some deal like throw in another free game or something for 349 price. Cannot say I am not disappointed.

i feel ya. well i wish you luck with this contest! maybe you wont have to spend any money at all :smile:
and Happy Thanksgiving!

thank you for the kind words. I saw that there was a great sale on the battlefront bundle from a site called wepowershop but was unsure how reputable they were and now it is sold out.

awwww! well i hope something else popped up for ya. theres always some pretty good deals going around ebay or craigslist. but just how you felt with that site you found, it can be very sketchy what some people post up sometimes

thanks!!! Yea the sales were very disappointing this year but i am hoping there will be some surprise ones this weekend or Cyber Monday. That other site I think it worked out well that the bundles sold out due it being difficult to determine if the site was legit or a scam to steal your identity.