Stucked money: failure code 10301

Yes, probably but the support team did absolutely nothing about it. I have two opened tickets already. I’ll just wait couple days and open a new one until they solve that thing.

i am now wondering if support is incompetent

Did any of you create a support ticket? If you haven’t go to

When you create a ticket, your information (e.g. profile code) will enable support to look at your specific situation and respond to you.

Yeah… Me either. I’ll wait this weekend. Monday I’ll spam that company. It’s just 100$, it’s mine though.
I’ll let you know how it goes.

Post your profile code to get the attention of the forum moderators.


I’ve solved my situation with the support team. What about you?

Too, thanks

woow my issue going on a month

Hello hedcorpinc!

We do our best to help our users as much as we can.

Now, if you’re still having issues, what is the ticket number?

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Hello. Can you take a look on my funds?
I want for payout on my Payoneer and fund needs aproval

My Code: SJ3BHG

Hello 11192,

Your payout should be released soon.

The support team in that section will verify and approve it as soon as possible.

God speed!

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Thanks foe quick answer)

Your request (466248)

Hello hedcorpinc!

I’m verifying your issue now :wink:

God speed!

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Answered in:

God speed!

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Since I got my issue solved this post can be closed.

My issue is still not solved but w.e.

Hi, I’d like to get a 500usd card right now for amazon for 375 pls I have the money right now and if everything goes well I will buy 500 more

I am new to this pls talk to me ASAP pls

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