suggestion about subscription

i wanted to be able to renew subscription when there is no remaining sales cap and before the renew date without getting another subscription with different fees : (

Thanks for the feedback @Bloxy_News_Brasil!

I will inform the team and see what they think ok.

Stay tuned to future updates :wink:

Godspeed! :trident:

It takes 2 days to get sales procceds and I also heard once from support that it may take 2 more days to process payment and succesfully reset/set the sales cap when renewing

Some sellers are able to use the entire sales cap in less time than 4 days, from small sales cap amount like gamer club

So it’s welcome two more features
A remaining sales cap adjuster, like set it to $5 and automatically renew if there is $5 or less available (like $45 used sales cap from gamer club, $495 from PRO club and $4995 from ultra), it’s useful for sellers that their cheapest listings are from $1 to $3 so they can still use the fees from subscription for every sale and it will give some extra time to renew

And a multi renew option like this
PRO club
$500 sales cap
$4 monthly

PRO club x2
$1000 sales cap
$8 monthly

PRO club x4
$2000 sales cap
$16 monthly

It’s just examples, Seller should be able to set the multiplier

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Thanks for sharing your ideia @Bloxy_News_Brasil.

I will show this to the team.

Godspeed! :trident:

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No idea in this reply for now, just wanted to say that the multi renew sounds useful enough. The seller can increase the multiplier if it’s not enough

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