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Hi everyone, I subscribed to the subscription plan 1 every 30 days but mail capital limit is too small. However the 4 every 30 days plan is too much for me that I’m not a professional seller. When I exceed the capital limit, can I cancel my subscription and pay another dollar for another 30 days? or is it against the regulation and do I have to wait until the end of the 30 days before renewing the subscription again?

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no 1 dolllar one is best i agree
but u can get that only once every month

it will renew auto as long u have funds

Thanks a lot for the answer. So if I disable the subscription I can’t activate it again immediately. Too bad there is no middle ground, because of 1 dollar is too little while of 4$ dollar is useless for me as I never sell more than 150$ every 30 days. A 2$ subscription would be perfect. Thank you shakirwani

i usually didnt sell above 100 or so
but sometimes things change
this month i got like few hundreds of sale ,
but i only took 1st membership
and restrained myself from taking next one
what i do is some of buyers are who re buy from me
so i adjust fees somehow in there
so works for me all good
but ya had i taken that 4 dollar one too,it may have saved litll but not much
i dont think it is that good .tbh

also btw which market are u getting into
or which market u sell or buy at

The 4 subscription is not convenient for those who sell for 100 a month. Obviously the other with 0 commissions to a dollar is too convenient to bring the capital to more than 50$ of sales. For me that I have no regular customers (I’m new to the site) the ideal would be some 2/3$ dollars subscription where the capital is about 100/150 $. I hope something comes out in the future. Or at least the possibility of paying another dollar to extend the first subscription by another $50 when necessary (in the months when you have more sales) would be great.

???which stuff u sell
which platform

Mainly games for steam / battlenet

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