transfer questinon

i have a game from steam and i dont want it anymore. if i want to sell it here , how can i transfer it to the one that wants it? PLZZZ HELP

Hi 1117. If you are interested in selling your steam game its actually pretty simple. Just create a listing select DIGITAL not physical.
Then go through the normal process of adding an item for sale.
Select Games, select the platform "steam"
If you have an image for the game put it on.
Add title of game, add your description,
If the game is restricted in some countries please list it, if not put none/ global.
The most important part is the delivery method.
Click on "I will send a key/ code for activation."
select next then select Automatic delivery or 1-3 days,
If you have the code already just put in Automatic delivery and type in your code and select next.
put a good price in. add when you want it to expire. and click done and your all set.

the thing is that i bought h1z1 from steam and i cant find the key to put it here to sell it. so if i cant find it i have to sell all my steam acc ?

im not familiar with steam and their codes but i do not believe you will get a code its tied to your account. You would have to sell your account.

well…■■■■ … thanks for the help thow

no problem. Incase you didnt know im actually looking to buy broken games. If you have any check the list i have on the BUYING section. Thanks