Selling Digital Games (Steam Keys), Auto Delivery

Selling 2 Steam keys that will be automatically delivered.

I’m not looking to make much.
I set the price of The Wolf Among Us just enough so that after Gameflip’s commission fees, I get a few cents over $10. I just need slightly above $10 when I withdraw balance to paypal so that Gameflip’s withdrawal fees will be 3% rather than $1 outright.

Links to listings:
The Wolf Among Us - $11.15 ($24.99USD on Steam store)
Fault Milestone One - $2.99 ($14.99USD on Steam store)
4 Steam Games:Timberman, Surfingers, Fly O’Clock, Risky Rescue - $2.00 (total $4.96USD on Steam store)

I know that people may not trust a new seller but I will work with Gameflip support to verify my keys if there are any issues.
And I don’t mind if you buy my keys planning to resell them. Once bought you’re free to do whatever you like with them.