WTS Up to 10k+ Steam Keys 25c each

Hello Guys,

Since Im done with Random “Indie” Games, I want to sell my whole Random Indie Inventory.
I have more then 10k (10 000) Keys available in my inventory.
I want to sell them for ~25c each. Starting at packages of 20 ($5).and max. 2000 ($500) per Listing.

You can resell them as randoms, as the game itself or for Giveaways.
I will copy and paste them in 5 - 10 Packages including Game Name.


Game A

Game B

Just answer to this thread how many you want and I will answer with a Link to the Listing/-s.

ps.: the VERY cheapest Game included is 99c on Steam. The most expensives 19.99

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i feel you man. Hard getting out of the random steam key business. Thats a ton of inventory as well. Good luck on selling them though.
Hey are you a business yourself or just a seller on apps?/ do you have a website?

Dont have a websites. Some friends and me are making some “money” and get in this stuff and learn about it and when we got enough we will do something more “official” and “professional”. But for that we need a sh*tload of Money and experience, its hard in some countrys to found a business.

And on your side?

But we nearly reached our “goals”.

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Ahh i see, well you guys are working towards a goal so thats great. keep that up.
And yes i have a website but it is not up and running yet just working on some issues with shipping and adding more products before i go live.
And what country are you in?

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Germany. Im just waiting for GameFlip to expand in our territory so we can offer physical goods.
And because of german laws its a bit hard to make business on US sites right, since its $ and some other things make it hard to start a proper business without taxing issues, in the meantime we just taxin everything the normal way, but thats much more expensive and not so effective.
But were growing. Already got an old friend who studied IT for our website + tech stuff and working on that side.

What about you? US I guess?^^

Oh nice, very far lol. Yea i am in the USA.
That must suck that you cant ship physical items yet but understandable, overseas/ out of country taxes, shipping, and other limitations really mess up with profit on most items getting it to a buyer.
Hopefully you guys do get something up and running for your country to sell out there.
Nice always good to have a nice website, i paid for mine its basically drag and click adding items and accessories etc. Its nice but like i said still working on the shipping bugs.

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ill buy 20 keys for $5