Trying to add a new card, it doesn't work and says first name has invalid length

I am trying to add a card, but as title says, it responds with an error saying:

Any help would be appreciated.

Are you using the website, Android app, or iOS app? If using an app then which version? (☰ > Settings > Version)

Did you register using the Google/Facebook button, or through Gameflip (username+password registration)?

When adding the credit card, did you put your full name in the “Card Holder” field?

  1. I am using website
  2. I registered with google
  3. I put my full name

In case it’s a problem with the website, you could try using the Android or iOS app to add the card: ☰ > Settings > Payment Method. Then you should be able to use it on either platform.

Please check and on the “First Name” and “Last Name” do they look correct? Is the “First Name” field empty, or has a space in it?

Im having the same issue that guy was having and i dont understand what to do. I have used the website and the app. I have quadruple checked my info. Nothing works.

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