The lengths of verification?

I understand gameflip wants to be secure and everything but I have never had to jump though so many hoops to verify myself. When I first created my account I put my phone number on it and was able to add money to the gameflip wallet just fine. Now I have to show my ID while holding a note saying “gameflip” on it, or as the email told me “I approve this $10 Gameflip purchase”, which I don’t understand why the email and the site give two different instructions. I have never had to go through this much trouble to use my paypal on any other sites. Beyond that, it wants me to show a phone bill for phone verification but I use a prepaid phone so there is no physical bill to show, what then? I want answers and I want it cleared up. I just wanted to put money on my account but now it takes days with extra hoops to jump through when it should only be a few minutes.

Hello, please contact me via PM with your invite code so I can check your account and give you more information about this?