Phone Verification Question

Hi there. Just tried making my 2nd purchase through Gameflip (purchased something yesterday but am currently waiting for shipping), but it was immediately flagged for review and asked for verification. I had no problem providing verification for ID and my card, however I have a question about verifying my phone. I also submitted a ticket through support (#366441). Here’s what I said through the ticket:
" Unable to submit proof of documentation for phone verification because first I am under my parents’ plan so it isn’t under my name, but my mother’s name. Second, we no longer receive billings through the mail as we have paperless billing. However, I have attached a PDF with the most recent billing that is given through the T-Mobile website which is the best documentation that I can provide.
On the 2nd page of the PDF under “This Bill Summary” and “Detailed Charges” you will see that my number is the third number in the plan. On page 3, under “Taxes & Fees Breakdown” you will see my home address…
I have also submitted my proof of ID and debit card, would be great if this gets resolved quickly so I am able to receive my purchase. Thanks in advance! :)" (some words are redacted for privacy)

After this I submitted a screenshot with the two sections in one image because i’m unable to upload a PDF to the verification form. Would there be any problem with this? How long would it take to verify?

My invite code is QRYMZP. Thank you!!

For verification process that’s fine I think. Also you only need ID verification to be completed in order to continue purchasing. Phone bill is not necessary. Btw process will take from 2 to 4 business days.

Welcome to Gameflip :slight_smile:

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Ah i see, I thought I had to complete all 3 forms, thanks for the confirmation though. Mine were just processed an hour ago which was pretty sweet! Just tried making another purchase and it went through :slight_smile: